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Zombie Master World War [Android]

App Name: Zombie Master World War [Android]

Cost: Free

Developer: alphacloud

App Market: Download Page


The game is “Zombie Master World War”, a multiplayer action shooting game for iOS and Google Play.

Zombie Master World War offers 2 modes – If you want to save the world from zombies, choose the Scenario mode. If you want to become a victor in the war of 7 billion people, choose the World mode.

1. World War Mode – Join the world war of 7 billion people where people fight under the banner of their national flag every 7 days! 3 players’ team play by Automatic matching system! Winning team receiving award money! Revenge system where you can get back at enemies! Play with 70 billion people around the world with your fighting spirit!

2. Scenario Mode – Be the last female warrior of the human kind, and create your own team of warriors to save the earth that has been infected with zombie viruses, reconstruct facilities, and raise your own army to build a new world. Raise your own army!

– Game offers 7 languages – English, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean.

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