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WiShare App Gets Free Wifi Connections for Android Users

App Name: WiShare

Cost: Free

Developer: Antara Apps

Market: Google Play

This new app looks interesting.  The essence of it is simple, use your Wi-Fi to create a network that is secure and share them with the people you want. You can easily invite, add and block users.  From the press release that came out in September:

WEBWIRE – Monday, September 17, 2012

Amsterdam – WiShare is a new cutting edge tool for sharing a Wi-Fi connection with contacts Developed by the up and coming, innovative app house, Antara Apps. Available on Google Play, WiShare creates a network connection that can be shared with contacts directly from your phone. Users choose which contacts they want to invite, add, and block. WiShare is a must-have app for Android users with the ability to create a potentially huge network of up to 500 contacts, directly from your contact list.

Wi-Fi can be a tough commodity to come by these days, as many network connections remain password protected while public hotspots often come with a catch – buy a product and use our connection or limited access, which makes the connection near useless. Users can add their friends allowing them to share Wi-Fi connections and create a Co-op throughout their respective cities and travel destinations. With access to your phone’s contact list, you choose directly which Android users you want to include in your network.

Creating a network Co-op with your Android is incredibly easy. Once you’ve downloaded the app to your phone, set up your Gmail account to confirm your identity. Then, manually insert the network connection information, username and password, and the connection is integrated. WiShare will directly configure the user Wi-Fi network and there you have it!

CEO and Founder of Antara Apps , Omar C. Ramirez, explained the features and functions that make WiShare a must-have. “Many of us have friends and family that come to visit and are forced to struggle to find a Wi-Fi connection that is safe, secure, and easily accessible. Despite the technological advancements and need for a Wi-Fi connection, finding one is still incredibly difficult. Not anymore, with  WiShare you can create a network connection that makes sharing your Wi-Fi easy.”

The app is free but after 90 days you will need to choose a subscription to purchase.   From the Google Play page:  WiShare works directly with your phone’s contact list, ensuring that only friends, with an Android phone can be added to your network. Setting up your Wi-Fi to cooperate with WiShare is an easy task. Once you’ve allowed access to your Gmail account, which will identify you and your Wi-Fi connection for configuration. WiShare will then configure your Wi-Fi network, just insert your network connection and password and your network connection will then configured successfully for use.

Have not had a chance to try it yet- believe it or not, I am the only Android user in the house. This app does look to be a nice service for those that travel alot. Let me know what you think.

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