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What is new at PreApps- Feb 4

Well today we highlight a couple new apps coming down the road for us mobile app users.


Kings N Cannon

Kings N Cannon is an exciting game app where players can use their powerful cannons to destroy evil kings and their soldiers. The fun of hurling cannons combined with the exciting graphics is guaranteed to make King N Cannon a very addictive app. In addition to fighting the kings and their armies, players can collect power cannon balls and various warrior artifacts to enhance their chances of winning the war. Kings N Cannon will be released shortly and available for free on all iPhone, iPad and Android devices.



Smash IT! Adventure

Smash IT! Adventures is a fun new game where players use their fingers to smash the slimy Blarghinis and save the fluffy animals that are locked inside these evil monsters! It is extremely easy to play. Moreover, this soon-to-be-released new app features more than 30 levels to explore and the ability to use magical spells to enhance your chances of completely eradicating the army of Blarghinis! Smash It! Adventures also allows you to connect with your friends and compete with them for the best score! This new app is coming soon to iPhone, iPad and Android devices.



The world has met its end. As the last human left, you seek the legendary Oasis, said to be the latest remaining chance of salvation in this miserable world. But does it really exist? What is the dark secret that binds you to this world when all others have perished before you?

Oasis is an exciting new role-playing game coming soon to iPhone, iPad and Android devices. What separates this app from other new entertainment apps is the finite runner option with a defined ending. Players will be able to test how far they can go on a limited life bar. The endless runner mode is also available for game purists, with a completely revamped gameplay system!

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