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Whack Mania Free Review –

App Name: Whack Mania Free

Cost: Free

DeveloperBRAVO Game Studios

Market: Google Play

Device used for review: Google Nexus 7


I remember the good old days when my parents would take me to the local arcade, I couldn’t wait to grab that mallet and let those moles have it. Whack Mania takes the whack-a-mole concept and mixes in a couple of twists and turns. The result is a very entertaining game with a little for players of all ages.

“The world is in danger. A horrible plague of moles has afflicted the land and only you can stop it. Moles and rabbits are destroying your crops, and if you’re not fast enough, you’ll lose your entire harvest to these nasty little critters!”- Play Store Description

When you start up the game players are placed into one of 14 mini planets (Similar to Super Mario Galaxy) where you you’ll whack your way to victory. Within these mini planets are various holes in the ground where those pesky moles will emerge from and give you your chance to attack. What I find the coolest is the fact that the moles pop up to the beat of the music, it adds to an overall satisfying gaming experience.

The game menus are  easy to use and are similar to a certain angry feathered animal game.   As you progress through the planets the number of moles to smash will increase and, you’ll find that you’ll need to swipe around the planet to insure you’ve gotten all the moles. Players can identify that a mole has emerged based on a “pop” sound. Players will also encounter white moles that if you whack you’ve earned yourself a fail on the level. If you don’t like moles there is also a mode in which you must prevent bunnies from eating all the carrots lying around. Once you’ve completed all 14 levels, you go premium and purchase the  full version for $.99(adds 20 levels and removes ads). If that is not enough to satisfy your mole frenzy then you can opt to play endless mode which is well endless.

Overall Whack Mania (Free) gives an old classic a breath of fresh air and makes for a very entertaining game. It’s available for Android phones (2.2 and up), Android tablets (3.0 and up) and iOS devices.

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