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TurnYouOn for Google TV Launches

Context is King: Using Facebook Likes to create an entertaining Google TV app

The advent of the smart TV revolution have been talked about for many years as well more recently with the just released Google Chromecast. A crucial feature for the success of the smart TV platform is great entertaining apps that can compete against established entertainment products. TurnYouOn is a Google TV app that aims to start filling this piece.

TurnYouOn is a Google TV app that brings your Facebook friends to the TV for the most entertaining experience! Easy to use and instantly plays quality non-stop videos. Flick through hundreds of these friend channels and be able to see a new form of entertainment in which context becomes king.

The way it works is that after selecting a Facebook friend, a channel will immediately start playing videos from things that your friend is into. So if your friend Amanda likes Justin Bieber on Facebook, videos from Justin Bieber’s Facebook page will show up on her channel. Most people have a hundred or so likes and this means non-stop videos from things that they are into. With social video discovery on the rise, this is a great twist on using Facebook Likes. The app is also specifically designed only for Google TV.

The Google TV platform has recently had new hardware partners come on board. Popular apps on the Google TV platform include Revision 3 and Redux which highlight the lean back video experience. Notable news for other smart TV platforms includes a number of different brands like Ministry of Sound joining the Samsung Smart TV platform with an app. With the news ahead of a potential revolutionary Apple TV, it may look like the app revolution is coming to the TV.

Google Play Link:  Click to View App on Google Play

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