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Top Fitness Apps For Android Users

In the battle between iOS and Android, one of the biggest factors in favor of iOS has always been the number of apps available for download from the iTunes store. Health and fitness in particular was one segment where iTunes trounced the old Android app store. However, following pressure from manufacturers like Samsung and HTC, Google has upped its game and launched the revamped Play Store. With the new Play Store, Google has ensured that Android users have access to a database of apps almost as wide and varied as iTunes. As a result, there has been a rapid rise in the number of health and fitness apps that can be accessed using an Android device. Here are some of the top fitness apps that Android users can download:


Fitness enthusiasts will be very happy to see RunKeeper in the Android Play Store. Consistently rated as one of the best fitness apps for the iPhone, RunKeeper proves to be just as excellent on Android devices. Running is the cheapest, yet one of the best ways to stay fit. RunKeeper proves to be the ideal companion for anyone who wishes to attain their fitness goals via running. The app uses GPS to accurately keep track of the distance covered, speed, calories burnt and even highlights a route for you on an interactive map. All the information gets uploaded to your account in for you to access at any time. Besides running, the RunKeeper app can also be setup for cycling, skiing and hiking.

CrossFit Travel

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, it can throw a spanner in your exercise or fitness plans. Thankfully, Android users can fall back on the CrossFit Travel app. CrossFit Travel features an extensive list of exercises specifically designed for small spaces, like hotel rooms. Choose from one their various exercise combos or manually scroll through the lists to choose a particular exercise. You can also create multiple personalized workouts. CrossFit Travel also keeps a tab on the amount of time you have spent on each exercise daily.


If you are not eating right, it does not matter how much exercise you indulge in to stay fit. Fooducate is probably the best Android app to keep a track of your eating habits. The app features an in-built barcode scanner that ensures that you do not have to manually input all the information. For every item entered, the app can quickly display all the benefits and disadvantages of consuming the item, along with the calorie count. One of the best features of Fooducate is that it can make recommendations for healthier substitutes if it feels that you are going to purchase a food item that does not bode well for your fitness levels.

Calorie Counter

Similar to Fooducate, Calorie Counter also features a barcode scanner that will reveal all the ingredients in an item and classify them as healthy and unhealthy. However, it does not have the same ability as Fooducate to make recommendations. The real strength of Calorie Counter lies in the way in which it keeps track of your daily calorie intake and even features a calorie countdown timer that will display how many calories in the day you can still consume. Calorie Counter is a free app that is essential for individuals who like to keep a track of every calorie that they consume.

Gone are the days when people would have to purchase an iPhone or iPod to have access to the best health and fitness apps. The very same apps, and some equally good exclusive apps, can now be downloaded from Google’s Play Store for Android smartphones.

About the Author: Stephen Cole is a tech blogger with interest in health and fitness. He recommends purchasing fitness equipment from Gym Direct, Australia.

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