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Three Major Game Updates from G5 Entertainment

Got a few updates on some cool games from G5 Entertainment.

1. Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart is now available on Google Play, Kindle Fire and iOS in a full, paid version. Released a few months ago as a free game (with IAP) on iOS, Nightmares from the Deep.

In Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart, you’ll follow the story of an ancient pirate with a forbidden passion. The pirate was cursed and died. His soul never found rest without the accompaniment of his long-lost love.

Key Features:

  • 45 Seaworthy and landlubber locations to explore
  • 39 Hidden Object Scenes
  • 16 Intriguing mini-games
  • In-depth Strategy Guide
  • Hauntingly majestic scenery

2. Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings is now available on Android and the iOS version of Lost Souls received an update with longer trial time.

In Lost Souls, you’re plunged into game play when a mysterious painting from a spooky, old castle appears on the doorstep of Bella’s house. Her happy and peaceful life crumbles to dust from the moment it arrives. Bella’s child disappears suddenly and all police and FBI efforts to find him are in vain. Bella’s only option is to enlist the help of some otherworldly friends. Join the grieving mother as she travels through enchanted paintings, exploring the worlds within them in search of her son.

Key Features:

  • 25 Stunning locations to explore
  • 25 Tricky mini-games to master
  • 9 Extra locations
  • 4 Extra mini-games
  • In-depth strategy guide

3. Pilot Brothers lands on the Nook. This hilarious detective duo has entertained players all over the world, released on key mobile platforms a few weeks ago. Now Nook users can immerse themselves into an amusing quest adventure Pilot Brothers.

In Pilot Brothers,  you’ll control the two detectives as they cover 15 comic-style locations including the zoo, sewers, hotel, and more in search of clues to Baldakhin’s whereabouts. You’ll collect items hidden in each scene and use them to solve puzzles which will unlock the future areas. Arcade-style mini-games will also test your precision and the brothers’ special abilities.

Key Features:

  • 15 Increasingly difficult levels to solve
  • 2 Different characters: Brother Chief and Brother Colleague
  • Fast-paced, arcade mini-games and loads of absurdly witty mini-games!
  • Join the famed duo in their search for the elusive thief!

Head over to G5 Entertainment website or to the respective markets.

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