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Things to Do Before You Sell Your Android Phone

If selling your Android phone is on your mind, don’t worry, we will help you with the things that you can consider doing before you pass it on to its new owner. Regardless of where you are planning to sell your Android phone; at the local mobile store or at an e-bay auction, you can follow these simple steps:

Create a backup for your phone’s data

One of the paramount things to do before you hand over your Android phone to the buyer is to create a backup of all the data that sits on your phone. Once you do so, transferring the data to your new device will become very easy. You can make a copy of all the data on your laptop or PC or if you have your new phone you can successfully transfer the data to your new phone. Having transferred the data, you must make sure that the data is completely erased from your Android phone. This will eliminate the chances of the buyer accessing your personal and professional data.

Erase information and content from the MicroSD Card

Almost all Android phones come equipped with a MicroSD Card that sits somewhere near the battery section. This is a place where data and information like pictures taken by you, music, videos and movies that you downloaded are stored. You can transfer all this data to another source by transferring it to your PC or another MicroSD Card. You must completely erase the MicroSD Card before you hand over your Android phone to its new owner.

Additionally, you can connect your Android phone to a PC or a laptop using a USB storage reader and format it. If you wish to format the card on your phone, go to Setting. Then, select Storage and choose the Format SD Card option. Remember to take a back up of your MicroSD Card before you format it. If you do not wish to give away your phone with its MicroSD Card, you can open the back of your Android phone and remove the card.

Reset your Android phone

You can clean the software that your Android phone runs on. A majority of Android phones allow you to format the internal storage in two different ways. One of the easiest ways to do so is to go to the main settings of your phone. Go to Privacy and from the options available choose the Factory Data Reset option. Some Android phones might ask for your confirmation before this reset is performed. Once you confirm this, your Android phone will be reset.

The factory reset can be done by going through the recovery mode. You will have to use a combination of various buttons to access the Wipe Data option on your Android phone and carry out the factory reset. This method however varies from one Android phone to another.

Lastly, make sure that you wipe your Android phone clean before handing it to its new proud owner.

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