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The Top 5 Apps That Every Web Developer Needs in Their Toolkit

While many web design experts have lambasted tablet devices for being more about consumption of content rather than a tool to actually get work done, today’s app developers are putting those fears to rest. While mobile devices will not replace personal computers when it comes to design work, today’s apps are allowing designers to get things accomplished while on the move. Here are 5 of the best apps for web developers:

1. LiveView – While mobile website use is on the rise, designing websites for them can be difficult because the work is not usually done on a mobile device. Because of this, the developer often does not know what the site will actually look like on a mobile device. LiveView solves this problem by providing a live view of the art board using a mobile device as a remote screen.

2. Adobe Ideas – Though known for complex desktop applications, Adobe has sought to change that with some of its tablet platforms, such as Adobe Ideas. Billed as a digital sketchbook, it allows creators to capture and explore ideas. Features include multiple drawing tools, the ability to merge layers and the ability to export drawings as a PDF document. It can also zoom without creating large pixels. Ideas can be captured quickly and then refined later in Illustrator or Photoshop.

3. Dropbox – One of the downsides to many tablet computers is the lack of a built-in file saving system that is easy to use. Dropbox solves this problem by allowing users to bring together their documents, photos and videos and share them with others. The free service provides up to 2 gigabytes of space, with the opportunity to earn more free space or to purchase larger portions. In addition, it can be synched among multiple devices and desktop computers for easy sharing or later referral.

4. Evernote – Developers on the move may never know when they will run across an idea they want to save to look at closer later. Evernote acts like a scrapbook where all sorts of ideas can be kept in various notebooks. Notes can also include audio recordings or photographs taken with a smart phone. It has a multitude of other apps that work with it. Evernote also features a powerful search function so specific words can be found among the notes. There is also a tag system. Like Dropbox, it seamlessly works across all platforms.

5. Penultimate  – One of those apps that work well with Evernote is Penultimate. Handwritten notes and sketches are kept in notebooks and can easily be shared with others. It includes a variety of “papers” that have different textures and background patterns.

App designers are creating a variety of programs that can help web developers get their work done even on mobile devices. These apps can help with the basics of web design, as well as capturing and keeping ideas for later use or sharing, and should be part of any developer’s toolkit.

 About the Author:  Simon runs, a UK company that specializes in apps for small businesses as well as mobile web development.

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