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The Silent Age – Point and Click Adventure [Android]

App Name: The Silent Age Episode One

Developer: House on Fire

Cost: Free

Market: Google Play


It is 1972. I remember that year, do you? The music is awesome in the game-make sure you where headphones.  If you enjoy point and click adventures, you should download this game. You know what the only problem is with the game? It is only Episode One!  Well Episode two is in the works and if you want to help move it along. You can donate to the cause over at House on Fire’s website.  Right now they seem to be half way there (money wise).

This adventure is broken up into 6 chapters: The Present, The Future, The Machine, The Entry, The Corpse, and The Epilogue. You are Joe and you are a janitor and that is all I am going to say. Why? i do not want to spoil it.  The controls are simple on the story is excellent. There is no talking, just cool background music. Once you begin playing you will not want to put it down.

See what happens when Joe is teleported 40 years into the future…that would make it 2012. Well 2012 is a bit different in Joe’s world.


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