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Talking with Planet Toccer [Developer Interview]

Today we get to speak with Planet Toccer, the company behind the Android and iOS game Space Sports. We reviewed the game yesterday and today we are excited to learn a little bit more about the company. I really enjoy speaking with developers and hearing about their side of the app market. Appreciate the time today!

Q. So tell us a little about Plant Toccer?

A. Planet Toccer Inc. is an innovative and rapidly growing full-service IT consulting and new media firm based in Los Angeles. Planet Toccer Holding Ltd., founded by a former international sportsman, Mark Thomas, has teamed up with animated film and gaming industry leaders to launch the new 3D mobile games app Space Sports.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of Space Sports?

A. The genesis of Space Sports was initially from the development of an animated cartoon series where I had characterized the sports and the sports equipment into characters themselves to make sports more appealing to children. By giving the sports themselves a voice and the fun characters it allows the kids to embrace and learn a fun healthy lifestyle and all the great things sports offers at a young age.

Given the explosion of mobile devices and the app world we felt its best future was online and we decided to make it mobile and provide a new sports universe with great games and characters set in the ZaZa galaxy with the sports academy headed by Admiral Tomo, the sports champ of the universe.

Q. Any future plans such as upgrades, expansions?

A. We will constantly upgrade our games and GOALY MOLEY has its next upgrade coming out shortly with new gear catalogue and power up features to enhance the game experience. This will be an ongoing upgrade across all our games coming out. Our avatar creator is being upgraded weekly with new enhancements and the team will constantly be providing ongoing upgrades and improvements.

Q. Any other games coming down the road?

A. We have a slate of new fun and engaging games across all sports for development and our next release is TRUNKER DUNKER, a basketball game set with great alien characters and obstacles to overcome to become champ. ASTRO BAT for baseball and also for NASCAR and Formula 1 fans worldwide we have the COSMIC GP in development. TRUNKER DUNKER is to be released in June and then in the Fall, our really big game, BALL SPRAWL will be released. This is an exciting fun game covering all ball sports and is like nothing you have ever seen.

All these games are tied into our cross media strategy of developing the Space Sports brand with the development of our animated cartoon series based around our amazing characters. This all ties into our branding strategy for physical toys and games for the kids.

We also have our movie, THE LEGEND OF THE ZAZA GALAXY, the script of which is currently in development and the story boards are being designed.

Q. As a developer with a game on both platforms (Android and iOS) is one platform easier to work with than another?

A. Android is definitely the easier version and more versatile. Not only is Android’s market share far exceeding Apple in the smartphone arena but there are spin offs for other manufacturers such as Amazon (Kindle) and Blackberry (Z10 and Playbook) as well. These alternate hardware manufacturers can re wrap the android sdk and developers do not have to develop from scratch. Apple also takes 7-10 business days to process the submission to the app store. Android is 2-24 hours. The difference is pretty clear there.

Q. Where do you guys see mobile gaming going in the next few years?

Functionality and processing power of mobile devices far surpasses the original consoles. With this fact the mobile will evolve to a point where it will double as a mobile console. I think there will be more accessories per device to incorporate a more full game experience. There are already developers putting kinect type technology into mobile dev as an example. Another would be Google glasses type devices. The mobile device is truly that. Its mobile and will allow the user to step into the natural world and use it as the game scene. There will be a step into scene, real and virtual world overlap.

Again thanks for the time and appreciate your insight. Please make sure to keep AppReviewCentral in the loop with your future games.

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