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Storypress [Android]

App Name: Storypress [Android]

Cost: Free

Developer: Mike Davis

App Market: Download Page


Stories told over family gatherings are a key source of inspiration. Listening to the life stories of others provide a strong motivation to rise above the standards and to make a difference. With StoryPress, one can easily preserve such inspirational stories for the generations to come.

StoryPress is a free app for tablets that interviews its user and records the answers to save them as an audio storybook. These stories can then be saved over a cloud and can also be shared with friends and family members.

StoryPress has been available for iPad over iTunes for a few months now and is rated one of the best storytelling app. To increase the reach and to make it available over devices other than iPad, Mike has launched StoryPress’s Android version for Nexus 7 tablet.

StoryPress’s current version supports one photo that can be added to the audio storybook as a book cover but to enhance the user experience by adding multiple photos and music to the stories, Mike has recently raised funding through a Kickstarter campaign for the development of its version 2.

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