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Start the Rockets! Android Puzzle Game

App Name: Start the Rockets! Android Puzzle Game

Cost: Free

Developer: WebGames Ltd.

App Market: Download Page


Fireworks are always fun, fire, whistling and lots of joy.

New brain-teaser game Start the Rocket invites you to the abandoned factory of mysterious live fireworks. They are stored in boxes, they are forgotten but they have been waiting and finally, you came, after all, a life of firework is a flight and a bright flash full of colorful sparks.

You have a good old lighter in your pocket, and tons of joyful pyrotechnics in stock and plenty levels of puzzles in which you are to light up everything that can be lit and up blow up everything that can be blown up. Just bring the lighter closer and let go.

Game has three worlds and each world consists of levels, to complete the level player should put the puzzle together so that one lit up rocket caused a chain reaction and launched all the pyrotechnics. On each level there are also stars, by collecting them the player can unlock the next worlds.

•Bright and colorful graphics
•Realistic physics
•Plenty of pyrotechnical special effects
•3 worlds with their own mechanics:
– Fireworks box
– Clock tower
– Electricity world
•135 levels, 45 in each world
•Simple and easy-to-use tutorial during the game

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