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Speculation over the iPad 5 continues to grow

The buzz over the latest Apple iPad has been up and down over the last four months. With rumors of release dates changing on an almost weekly basis, we are still waiting for the big announcement. So, where do things stand right now?

From Apple

As is often the case, Apple are keeping their cards close to their chest and not letting any information out at the moment. There was plenty of speculation that the iPad 5 would be released in March of this year, but obviously that wasn’t the case. Most of that speculation came because it was a year after the iPad 4 was released, with many expecting a 12 month gap between the releases. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t have a particularly solid history of keeping to timetables, nor releasing things at certain times of the year, so all that speculation was for nothing. Here we are four months later and we are still waiting. Until they officially announce everything, we won’t hear a whisper.

Word on the Street

Much of the talk regarding the iPad 5 release date actually hinges on other Apple equipment. There is talk that Apple plan to try to release a number of new updated items at once. If this is accurate, we might have to wait even longer for the new iPad whilst they put the finishing touches on one or two other releases (rumoured to be the new budget iPhone and another tablet device) so they can release them together. Apple is great at creating big media events, so a triple-release of Apple products could be a huge event that takes place in time for Christmas. Combining the releases makes smart business sense and that’s one thing you can never fault Apple on.

Potential for Upgrades

One thing we do know about the iPad 5 is that, considering how long they are waiting to release it, they must have some interesting upgrades to show off. A simpler upgrade with a few tweaks would normally have been out in the shops by now, so hopefully this delay means we are getting something special this time. If it does come with plenty of new features, better battery life and other clear steps forward, there will be plenty people looking to sell up and upgrade. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to Sell your iPad and there, using various online traders, so you can use the cash to buy the latest version.

Industry Buzz

According to sources, the Chinese manufacturers of the new iPad 5 models are expecting to complete production of the stockpile by the end of August. This would seem to indicate a September release date worldwide. Other companies that work with Apple to make additional parts for the iPad are also believed to be getting everything ready for the end of August. Hopefully, this means that we shouldn’t have to wait much longer and we can certainly expect at least one and possibly even three new items in the stores in time for Christmas.

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