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Spacetime Games Provides Some Neat Holiday Updates

Spacetime Games has added some fun holiday stuff to their lineup of awesome games. In addition to the holiday content, numerous games have permanent new content. For more details on each of the games, check out the following:

Arcane Legends

Tarlok’s Wrath pits players against the powerful wizard Tarlok and his legion of mind-controlled minions, including an Ice Dragon. Adventurers confront each of Tarlok’s lieutenants and bosses as they fight to save the world of Arlor from this new, wintery assault.

In addition to the new quests and storyline, the Tarlok’s Wrath event also includes:

  • Five pets
  • Nine armor sets
  • Six vanity sets
  • Six weapon sets
  • Four bosses
  • Two minion enemy types
  • One town
  • Six crafting recipes

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The Battle Series will receive a cosmetic makeover in addition to new content.  Snow falls on all the maps, sticking to the land and structures, which are covered in festive holiday lights. Snowman obstacles will litter the maps and there’s a random chance of acquiring premium in‑game currency for removing them.

Battle Dragons

Legends of the Snow will spread yuletide cheer and bring more than just seasonal content.

Permanent Updates:

  • 15 new achievement categories, with three levels each for a total of 45 new achievements
  • Balance adjustments to land and air units as well as dragon halls
  • Dragon Halls can now be upgraded to level 10

Seasonal Content:

  • Nine new winter-themed campaign levels
  • Two new present traps
  • Two new spells

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Battle Command!

A new single player campaign, The Frozen Tundra, will add:

  • Nine new winter-themed campaign levels
  • Two present traps
  • Two SATCOM Orders

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Pocket Legends

The High Winter Festival is returning to Pocket Legends along with:

Seasonal quests and battle areas

  • Holiday-only loot
  • Content and surprises for players

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New holiday vanity items will be coming to both Dark Legends and Star Legends. Players can spread the holiday spirit in gothic underworlds and deep space.

Dark Legends

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Star Legends

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