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Some mobile apps for your iPhone you probably never heard of

Technology is changing each and everyday, and the iPhone apps are becoming more and more advanced. Currently, there are mobile apps that are considered as the best and they are available for your iPhone. Here is a list of the best iPhone apps that are currently available for your iPhone:

Leiths Kitchen Wizard

This iPhone app aims to be of help for the cooks. It provides time recipes, temperature and volumes, conversations weights; and a glossary for the classic cooking terms. The app also provides a quiz to help one to build the knowledge when in the kitchen too.


The iPhone has been having plenty of financial apps and a few innovative calendar apps. Currently, Halcyon MD has combined both categories and it gets one to enter his or her spending in a format that is calendar based. This tracks your habits and helps you to save at last.

Google Maps

This is a free app that is available in the market and which used to be part of the IOS software. This app is now available and it has gone global, it was there before the Apple and the Google’s licensing deal came to an end. It has friendly design complements that the Google Maps features used and it includes street view.

Piano Genius

This is a free app which is part of a crop that is emerging in the music education apps. The app aims to help one to be able to play the piano by use of a virtual on-screen by use of a keyboard. It has a catalogue and a social gaming feature that has more than 400 songs which has piano standards to the classical manner.

Xero personal

No sliced eyeballs or surrealism here, this is just personal finance app. This is an app for the iPhone that comes from the Xero firm that helps one to manage his or her money by covering the credit transactions as well as covering the bank. The app ties it to the Xero personal service that does exist.

Sky Gamblers

The games that are in the Sky Gamblers have won the firm through IOS because they have some spectacular graphics. This is one of the best iPhone app for everyone as it has some cue console quality. Before, this was a dog fighting game that had a mixture of multiplayer modes and solo that were tied together to Apple’s Game Centre, Air Play technologies and iCloud to store the progress as well as play them on a TV in case one desired.


This is an iPhone app that is a photo sharing app which is billed as safe to share photos for the families as well as for the seniors. This app for photo sharing is aimed for the older, the less tech savvy iPhone users. It is one of the best as it is worth to make clear that there are also plenty of other older Tech savvy individuals too, who can be fine with the Instagram, Facebook and the rest.

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