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SMS Remote Control GSM [Android]

App Name: SMS Remote Control GSM [Android]

Cost: Free

Developer: Eric Vogels

App Market: Download Page


Sms_RC is a SMS remote controller for controlling various electrical gadgets, such as routers, modems, alarm systems or a remote relay like Ontech GSM, that can receive an SMS and react on it by performing a task and/or responding to the caller – remote control over GSM.

Sms_RC can also be used to create pre-set SMS messages and send them with just the press of a button. The software allows the setup of up to 6 different devices, and can program 6 tasks/commands per device.As long as the software is running in foreground, the last incoming SMS from one of the defined devices is displayed inside the software. Of course, all SMS messages are stored in the SMS inbox.

For example: sending an SMS with the text ‘STATUS’ to a 3G or 4G broadband router like Dovado results in a returning SMS from the router with information about its health.
You can even create standard messages for up to 6 different contacts.

This application uses your SD-card to store setup information. When choosing a device, the application will go back to its start screen when no button is pushed for 5 seconds. Pressing the MENU button brings you to the device setup screen. Pressing EXIT SETUP or the menu-button brings you back.

Sms_RC is ideal for the following:
– Wireless GSM Home alarm
– GSM Controller with relay output
– GSM Gate Openers

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