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Smashing Egg Tido [iOS Game Review]

Tido is a cute little egg fighting to stay alive.  The chef is trying to make omelettes out of him so your mission is to protect Tido!

The game  from  JaiZee Studios is pretty straight forward and will not take you long to figure out. When you start you have 2 fields to choose from grass or ice.  There is a short tutorial on how to play.  If you ever need to pause the game, you simply hit the score in the top right corner.

The game plays in waves. You need to survive each wave to continue on.  As you progress you can earn 8 different power ups to aid in your fight.  Overall the game is well done. It gives you the option of using a on screen joystick or touch controls, help on/off, choose from 3 game speeds, and local and global stats.

In the trophy area, you can see which enemies you have unlocked (encountered) and what powerups you can use. To use a power up you need to drag it into the top panel.  You only get to use 2 at a time.  To get powerups you can purchase them with the points you earn in the game. You can get more points from talking about the app in Facebook and Twitter.

The power ups are:

  • Mama Chicken
  • Egg Shield
  • Teleporter Tube
  • Protection shield
  • Grenade SMASH
  • Bird Attack
  • Blast Cannon
  • Nuclear SMASH

I played the game on my iTouch 5 and found that on the intro screen, the graphic does not cover the whole screen, so you see a flickering image on the sides.  Once you get into the game though it goes away. I assume the developer will need to redo the graphic for the larger screen.

If you enjoy games where you need to fight through waves of creatures trying to crack some eggs, then you need to serve up Smashing Egg Tido ! (sorry could not resist the pun). Seriously it is a good, family friendly game.

App Name: Smashing Egg Tido !
Developer: GlowNight
Price: 0.99 USD
Categories; Games, Action, Arcade
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

Screenshots Smashing Egg Tido !

Smashing Egg Tido ! iPhoneSmashing Egg Tido ! iPhoneSmashing Egg Tido ! iPhoneSmashing Egg Tido ! iPhoneSmashing Egg Tido ! iPhone

Screenshots Smashing Egg Tido ! for iPad

Smashing Egg Tido ! iPadSmashing Egg Tido ! iPadSmashing Egg Tido ! iPadSmashing Egg Tido ! iPadSmashing Egg Tido ! iPad


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