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Share Special Places via Blipp for Android [App Review]

App Name: Blipp – GPS Location Sharing

Developer: Pixeostar

Cost: Free

Market: Google Play


Do you remember where your first date was? Or where you proposed to your wife? Where was that neat campsite or park we enjoyed going to last summer? Well if you have a hard time remembering, then Blipp is the answer.

Blipp is a new app on the Android market that allows you to save and share locations online.  From their recent press release:

Blipp is the new location based GPS mapping app from Pixeostar. The Blipp concept is simple – you post your significant events to specific locations on the map and then share them with other Blipp users (or Facebook friends). As your friends travel through their day they will get notifications when they are near your Blipps. Share memorable moments and more with your friends – Blipp keeps you connected.

Blipp takes location based sharing into the social arena and embeds it firmly into your regular sharing routine – now your memories are mapped so everyone can share the milestones of your life with you.

The concept behind Blipp is neat and unique. I asked the developer who her competitors are and there really aren’t any. There are many location sharing apps, but Blipp appears to be the only one that  will let you create your own “landmarks” for friends to discover.

I found the interface clean, easy to use and easy to figure out. To run the app you will of course need your GPS turned on, Internet access and a Facebook account. The app uses Facebook to create your account and connect with friends and family.  If you are sharing your phone, you can actually switch between different Facebook accounts.

To add a blipp, simply touch and hold the screen and a small window will pop up allowing you to add your comments and info. You can even take and add a photo if you like.

Within the app you will be able to see your blipps (pink) and your friend’s blipps (blue). You can also get notification of blipps within a certain mile radius too.  Another feature of Blipp is that there is an in-app purchase you can make to get historical markers added to your map. This is only $1.99 USD.

After playing with the app a while, I found it pretty fun. It definitely is something to use while on vacation or with the kids. If  you need something to do, you could use the historical marker add on to find neat places around town and the country.

The key to the app is the social aspect, being able to share your blipps with friends and family, that is really what it is all about.  As more folks use Blipp, the more useful and fun it will be. As I travel this summer, I think we might take Blipp along and get the family involved too.


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