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Samurai Defender [Android, iOS Game Review]

App Name: Samurai Defender

Developer: LinkKit

Cost: Free

Market: iTunes, Google Play


Samurai Defender is a fast paced defense game where you are the lone samurai charged with defending the fort. You are an archer and will need to stop the oncoming enemy waves. The first few levels are pretty straight forward but it gets a bit tough as you progress.

The game is currently available for both Android and iOS devices. It is a free download and supported by ads. The ads are not too bad and will not interfer with gameplay. The game also required Internet access to play. As you play and advance you will earn coins, which can be used for in app purchases. You will also earn coins for daily logins and of course you can purchase more.

So what sort of upgrades can you get? First off you can upgrade your speed, hp, power, damage, and mp (schemes). You are provided three slots for formations. These formations or scheme are powerful allies you can call into battle to aid you. The first set is the “backups”. They are 3 fighters that will run through the enemy and cut down anyone in their way.  Once your mp has rejuvenated you can use that formation again.

As was mentioned you are an archer station on top of the fort and you will need to shoot the oncoming enemies. To shoot you simple tap on the screen where you want the arrow to go. The controls are pretty simple. The graphics, artwork, and music are very appropriate and fit well into the game.  If you are unfamiliar with this style of game there is plenty of information in the game and even tutorial videos to help you out.

Overall this is not a bad game. I like this style of game and I thought it was not too hard nor too easy. I would have preferred this as a paid app with no ads but they are not too bad. The game has a nice variety of extras and upgrades to add to the game play.

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