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Riding Shotgun [iOS Game]

App Name: Riding Shotgun [iOS Game]

Cost: Free

Developer: Fortuna Lion game studio

App Market: Download Page


Riding Shotgun is a turn-based strategy title where your “player-with-no-name” tries to defeat numerous bad guys in one-on-one shootouts while traveling to town. You do this by strategically manipulating a wagon in straight lines across an 8 x 8 board. The spaces on the board include various attack icons that do 1-4 damage, while other icons are collectable powerups that increase your overall attacks, defense, and health. The rules allow you to move your wagon horizontally by clicking the mouse on any icon-filled tile to the left or right, while your enemy does the same vertically, up or down. If you have more health points than your opponent when there are no more moves possible, you win and get to advance. If you have less health or it’s a tie, you have to play the level again

While the basic premise and level structure is the same, Riding Shotgun has some variety to gameplay. Each level has a different board setup, and some levels have certain goals that award you bonus gold to spend at the Trader’s for permanent powerups. There are also “timed” levels where you have to defeat your enemy before dusk, complete with the level getting darker as each turn progresses. Finally, one unique level has a basic form of draw poker, letting you gamble some of your earned gold against a computer opponent.

Game Advantages:

– Exciting Wild West story and characters
– Unique, addictive gameplay
– Beautiful sound effects and graphics
– Use your brain power to defeat bandits and outlaws
– Poker mini-game included

Game Features:

22 Levels with different difficulty + Map + Casino + Shop + Trophy room
22 Bandits + Gambler + Trader


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