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Remember Everything You Have to Do With Any.DO

App Name: Any.DO To Do List | Task List

Description:  With Any.DO, you can easily keep track of what you need to do.  Has the option to drag & drop tasks to plan your agenda, sSwipe off a task to mark it as complete,  or shake your device to clear the completed tasks. You can share your lists with  friends, family and colleagues. Currently you can sync to Google and future plans are to have the ability to  sync to: Taskos to do list, Todo list, Todo, Task List, Remember the milk, gTasks, RTM, Producteev, Springpad, Catch, ColorNote Notepad Notes, Google Calendar, Astrid, Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange.

Cost: Free



Any.DO app Review

Any.DO From The Creators Of Taskos Is The Cleanest Task List App For Android Yet, With Emphasis On Sharing And Simplicity –

Any.DO an Utterly Gorgeous & Productive To-Do List Manager App for #GTD –

Any.DO Is a Crazy Intuitive, Gesture-Based To-Do App for Android

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