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Quick Samsung Galaxy S4 Guide

Well the Samsung S4  is out- so what do you need to know? This Android phone is pretty awesome. I have been reading quite a bit about the phone and have pulled together some of the better posts out there on the Samsung Galaxy S4 for your review.


Samsung Galaxy S4 review –

Galaxy S4 Deep-Dive Review: More Of The Same, But Better (For The Most Part)

Samsung Galaxy S4 loses to iPhone 5 in ‘breakability’ test, and here’s why you should have seen it coming –

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One and Nexus 4: Which should you get? –


Samsung Galaxy S4 official specs and features –


Samsung Galaxy S 4G Manual / User Guide –


Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories

Now if you are still on the fence whether or not you need to get this new phone from Samsung, check out this video from its launch in India.  If this does not convince you to purchase the phone, not sure what else will!

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