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Quick Interview with Flowerpot Games

Today we are talking with Flowerpot Games.

Q.Tell us a little about your company?

A. Flowerpot Games is a start-up gaming company founded in 2008 by a group of friends who all enjoy making games. We all live in different parts of the world and met  through the internet. I guess you can say Flowerpot Games is a true virtual company.

Our main focus is to design, develop, produce, and promote multi platform games for entertainment and education. But more importantly, we design games we enjoy playing.

Q. What games have you guys developed?

We’ve developed several games for various platforms.  Pancakes is a fun, challenging, and highly rated stacking game for Android where you stack pancakes and pancake toppings to order. Sounds easy … but it’s not! Pancakes is a free download on the Android Market.

Mobile Montessori is a suite of educational and fun Montessori-inspired activities for children. Mobile Montessori was developed in about a month with the help of Ed ‘Fish’ Bartley’s three
children. Mobile Montessori is a free download on the Android Market.

Flower Battles is a browser-based RPG. Take the role of a vicious flower. Think carefully and choose your offense and defense to fight your way to the top. Go on adventures for loot and taunt your opponents. Flower Battles is free to play.

We also developed a Windows/OSX game through alpha. Canyon of Desolation is a 3D tower defense game with RPG elements. There is a playable alpha on the web.  Canyon of Desolation needs art and a few more levels, but the art is costly, too costly for our bootstrapped budget. We’re still looking for funding.

Q. I see the price of Pancake game is $4.99. Do do you think that price is a little steep?

$4.99 is very steep. But when you’re indie you can do silly things like that :) The free download version of Pancakes found at can be unlocked at a much lower price.

Q. What do you have coming down the road?

A. Very soon we’ll release two more Montessori-inspired activities for the Mobile Montessori suite, Red Rods and Sound Boxes. Red Rods is a sorting activity that teaches length relationships in a sorting game. Sound Boxes teaches matching of two objects by sound.

A little later we plan to release another suite of kids games that don’t necessarily fit into the Montessori theme. Puzzle games, matching games, tracing games, etc.

We’re also in the midst of prototyping game ideas for our next “big” game. We’re not sure what it will be, maybe a side-scrolling action game, maybe a casual farming game, maybe some balloon popping fun. If you want to see what our latest game prototype looks like you can try Bomba Fiesta: Android 2.2.1  or PC/MAC/Linux with JAVA installed here

Q. What games do you guys like to play?

A. Ed (aka ‘Fish’) loves to play adventure games, RPG, and physics puzzlers.

Citrine enjoys playing RPGs, strategy cities builders, tower defense,  action / adventure, and the occasional mindless match 3 game. :)

Q. What is the hardest thing for a new company developing for Android market?

A. By far the most difficult thing is getting the word out about your game. There is so much noise in the marketplace that it’s really tough to let people know about your game(s).

Q. Where do you see the mobile gaming industry going in the near future?

A. Mobile gaming will be like having a game console in your hands. The wireless connection of handheld controllers and large HD monitors to multi-core CPU/GPU “phones” will be as ubiquitous as microwave ovens.

Well that is it for this interview. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to Flowerpot Games for taking some time out of their schedule and for some cool games.

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