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Puzzle and Dragons for Android [Infographic]

Puzzle and Dragons is a brain and puzzle game currently available on Google Play. The game, which is immensely popular in Japan is now available for players in the US. It is an interesting combination of games: on one side it is a dynamic puzzle, where you match 3 or more orbs of the same color and on the other side you battle your friends online.

The screen is split so the RPG aspect is on top while on the bottom you match the orbs. The key to battle is the orbs. As you match the orbs, you will create powerful weapons which can then be used to attack your enemies shown above.  Also as you play you can create power ups and help your dragons evolve and become more powerful. You will have to watch your stamina in the game though!  Also within the game you can collect rare monsters from the egg machine.

Overall it is a fast pace game with neat graphics and lots of players already online (thirteen million in Japan) that you can play with. Below is a neat infographic about the game and how successful is currently is. This is a free game but there are in-app purchases of magic stones which can be used to help you power-up your game. So if you are looking for a fun, fast paced matching/RPG game, give Puzzle and Dragon a shot.

How Puzzle & Dragons Makes Millions Everyday

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