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Professor Cramwell's History

App Name: Professor Cramwell’s History

Cost: 2.99 USD

Developer: Kiibo

App Market: Download Page


Professor Cramwell’s History  is a game designed to take the player on a mind-bending journey through time, intelligently guiding them through major topics of World History.

Players match wits with Professor Cramwell across thousands of questions and 46 challenge topics, all illustrated and animated with hand-drawn graphics. Users fill in nodes on their historical chart to keep track of their progress. Intuitive gameplay coupled with the portability of Android offers users a unique play experience on one of the world’s most popular platforms. The app also interfaces with Amazon to provide the player with quick suggestions for further reading on any given topic.

The game is intended for all ages, for beginners as well as history buffs, and was released at 2.99 USD. A free demo is also available.

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