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Playing the Barcode Game On Android

App Name: BarcodeGame

Description:  BarcodeGame combines the elements of a board game (a playing field, tokens, multiple players, etc) with modern technology of Android smartphones. All you need is a playfield made of barcodes, which you can print out from the game.  The game requires 2-6 friends and tokens. Roll a dice and move forward, then simply scan the barcode-field with the help of the game. Each of those fields contains various tasks and mini-games you have to solve.  The game is therefore perfect for the whole family and requires a barcode scanner app.

Cost: Free

Developer: X.X_Mass_Developer

Market: Google Play

After playing with the game a bit, I decided to reach out to the developer to give a bit more insight on them and the future.

Q. Tell us a little about your company.
A. Our company started with the launch of BarcodeGame and is a team of four developer. We are all in the middle of our studies and develop all kinds of cool and fancy apps. Meaning, we are not only developing games but also useful tools. We had four apps at hand when we decided to become X.X_Mass_Developer. All of which can be found in the market already.

Q.What future plans do you have for the game and/or future games?
A.We are already developing some new apps. As for today we are not at liberty to give all the details, but there will be a few helper apps and another game as well!

Q. How did you come up with the idea for the game?
A. The BarcodeGame was a development especially for those who are tired of the traditional concept of apps. Therefore we tried to go a new way. Also to show people in which direction you can develop apps. In addition to all those goals, we tried to keep it very simple and easy to use for EVERYONE. Meaning, one can play the game with the whole family, as even elderly people understand the concepts very quickly.

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