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Pattern Artist (and Pattern Artist Free) [iOS]

App Name: Pattern Artist (and Pattern Artist Free) [iOS]

Cost: $1.99 USD

Developer: Kevin Brain

App Market: Download Page


<img class="alignleft" style="margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 5px;"Pattern Artist - Easily Create Patterns and Abstract Art

Pattern Artist is a unique and fun app for quickly creating beautiful and interesting repeating patterns. Whether you are a professional artist, a designer, or just someone who likes to be creative, Pattern Artist will allow you to make works of art you can be proud of. Use it to make wallpapers, website backgrounds, calendars, custom photo frames, patterns to use in other art programs, or just because you love making art!

Pattern Artist is quite unique in the App Store – an art creation program, but one that can be effectively used by nearly everybody, not just artists who have drawing and painting talent. For people who have a creative drive, it can be deeply satisfying to see the results that can be produced in just a few minutes with the app, and this can be especially rewarding for those who don’t traditionally view themselves as artists.


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