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Packaging Pro App for iPhone – Review

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It’s the classic scenario we often see in movies. A large family, all set to enjoy their holidays in some distant land, forget a child at home. Sometimes reel life is real life. The holiday season often involves travel plans. If you’re travelling with family and friends, these plans, however well-organized can be chaotic and cause no small amount of heartburn! You might find that you’ve forgotten your swimsuit or those silk pants you like so much.

How wonderful it would be if you had an assistant to remind you of all you needed to take with you while on travel. Now you do. The Packaging Pro application for the iPhone lends you a helping hand. It makes packing lists and helps you create lists of your own. This $3 app tells you what you need to carry- medicines, extra towels, cosmetics, beanie cap etc. This is an app that makes it easier to pack- it’s as simple as that.

There’s a preloaded list on the app or you can create your list according to your requirement and tick each item off the reckoning. The use of the app extends beyond packing stuff. You have a host of reminders, including one to water your plants and other for mundane but essential things like reservations and bookings. The app reminds you to carry your passport, even to renew it and to pack your sun hat or umbrella.

It’s not an attractive app, truth be told. It’s a dull brown in color, has boring fonts with an inexplicable dependence on italics and inspires none of the travel excitement that one might feel. But don’t judge this app by its looks, because what’s inside is truly inspired. A lot of thought has gone into the planning of the app and the lists that accompany it. What’s more, each time you add an item, you can add it to the categories- and they exist in large numbers- the app comes pre-loaded with.

If the colors or fonts bother you, you always have an option to change both, but seeing how it’s a one-purpose app, that might be way too much trouble. Another point of issue is the price which many people feel is unjustified. It is a packing app so why should it cost so much?

The app needs work in the theme customization too. For instance, there are sample lists but they are simple, divided by gender- male, female, or purpose- business, camping etc. There is a definite bent for the masculine side of the population because there’s no mention of women-specific things like jewelry or personal hygiene products.
Yes, there is an option to add items to a list, but you better start early because the process takes time. Another way of looking at this is that the addition need not be a regular occurrence so it’s worth taking the trouble to do it right, once.

Whether it is a weekend getaway, business conference, exotic trip or a day at an amusement park, the packaging pro app will make it simple for you. The app is optimized for retina display on the iPad and the larger screen of the iPhone. The new version also lets you import, export or file not just entries but an entire catalog. Download the app from iTunes and be less stressed when you travel.

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App Name: Packing Pro
Developer: Quinn Genzel
Price: 2.99 USD
Categories; Travel, Productivity
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

Screenshots Packing Pro

Packing Pro iPhonePacking Pro iPhonePacking Pro iPhonePacking Pro iPhonePacking Pro iPhone

Screenshots Packing Pro for iPad

Packing Pro iPadPacking Pro iPadPacking Pro iPadPacking Pro iPadPacking Pro iPad

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