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Ninja Bees [Android]

App Name: Ninja Bees [Android]

Cost: Free

Developer: Larku

App Market: Download Page


A physics game with awesome ninja kicks, sumo slams and more! Create your own levels using the inbuilt level editor (in the dojo), share your levels with friends and the world. Install, play and rate shared levels in the Arena.

After centuries of differing beliefs the samurai frogs now being ruled by a cartel of evil samurai toads have declared war and taken over the ninja bees’ land. The ninja bees, left with no option, have assembled a clan with different abilities and have planned an attack to reclaim their land. Your mission is to head up the clan of ninja bees and to lead the assault on the samurai frogs to eliminate them and their toad leaders. Get creative and social by creating and sharing your own levels in the dojo.

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