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New Android App- Applorer: Find Free Best Games

App Name: Applorer: Find Free Best Games

Description: Trying to find the best apps (such as games, tools, etc) can take some time. Applorer is a new app for Android that gives you daily recommendations on the  best free Android games, notifications about the newest game releases, a way to manage all the games you have downloaded, and an ability to bookmark games.  The games listed are handpicked based on review, ratings and comments. This new service/app looks to be a real fun and useful tool for Android gamers.

Cost: Free

Developer: Stream Media Private Limited Best Games

Market: Google Play

Interview: I was intrigued when I got notification of this new app and decided to reach out the company behind Applorer and get some more details. Anything that can help Android users and gamers sift through all of stuff out there, I am all for it!

Q. Tell us a little about you and your company?

A. Stream Media specializes in developing innovative mobile applications and solutions for key industry players including telco operators (Singapore Telecommunications) and device manufacturers (Lenovo, HTC, Sony, Dell).

Q. How does Applorer work?

A. Applorer is a free Android app that helps users find the best games on Google Play. It’s a fun and easy way for avid gamers to find the latest and coolest games to play. Every day, we will select 2 Android games to showcase to our users and users can also use the “Surprise Me” button to get game recommendations.

Q. How do you determine which is the “best” apps?

A. We have a system to gather information on all the games on Google Play, information such as ranking, user grow and ratings. From those data, we then create a filtered list of games, which we will further “test” (i.e. play) to pick the best 2 games to be featured on Applorer. We try to be as objective as we can, so we get feedback from different players and promote games from different categories as far as possible.

Q.  Why did you created Applorer?

A. With over 400,000 apps on Google Play, many good games often don’t get as much attention as they actually deserve. We also realized that the “Top” games on Google Play seldom change and many users rarely scroll beyond the first 20 titles.  Applorer was created to solve this lack of exposure that the “not-so-mainstream” games are faced with. This also means that avid gamers who are looking for a new game to play will most likely find what they are looking for on Applorer.  We want to enhance the experience of finding new games and make it very easy, fun and engaging for you to discover new games.

Q. What is the difference between using Applorer and Google Play?

A. Applorer is not an app store, and we want users to still use Google Play. We created Applorer to augment game discovery experience for Android and act as a concierge so gamers can easily and quickly find great games to play.  This saves you a lot of time searching through over 400,000 apps for good games to play, and you can always ‘Bookmark’ a game to download later or ‘Share’ it with your friends. Plus, you can hit “Surprise Me!” and Applorer will randomly select a game for you. Applorer also notifies you on-the-go whenever a new game is released.

Q. Do I still get updates to apps if I download via the Applorer?

A. Applorer will re-direct you to Google Play to download the game, so you will definitely still get updates for games downloaded via Applorer.

Q. What future plans do you have for the app?

A. We want to make Applorer much more fun and intuitive. We are working on interesting features that will make game discovery more fun, but still keep it simple.

Many thanks to Jeremy Ee for taking the time to answer these questions. Look forward to see how Applorer develops.

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