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Mobile Phone Tripod [Product Review]

When using your iPhone5 or iTouch5 with its panoramic photos or HD vidoes, there will be times when you might like to use a holder or tripod with your device. Today’s post is a quick product review of the FLV Mobile Holder provided to us by

This small tripod works well with your iPhone, iTouch, or Android mobile phone. The holder, which sits on top of the tripod can hold any device up to about 2 inches wide. The top piece is spring loaded and can adjust to the width of your device. The bottom piece will slide out to adjust to the height of your device.


The legs can be extended another 2.5 inches. The tripod head allows for 360 degree movement. Overall I found it quite sturdy and easy to use.

The one word of caution is the piece that holds the mobile device in place. It is spring loaded, so it you are too rough on it, I could see it breaking.

This is a great desktop tripod which can help you to get those steady shots. Need to thank MobileFun for providing the tripod. Make sure to check them out for any iPhone 5 accessories you might need.

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