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MindSharp [iOS]

App Name: MindSharp [iOS]

Cost: $0.99 USD

Developer: MyJuice, LLC

App Market: Download Page


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MindSharp offers a set of brain-enhancing tests that will stretch your mind to its limits and beyond. This package of brain games will test your attention, memory and mental rotation skills.

Rate your attention using the timed Color, Word and Interference tests.
• Color Test: Just name the colors appearing in a long list of colored Xs.
• Word Test: Read a list of color names.
• Interference Test: Name the colors of a list of words without reading them.

Push your memory to its limits, and beyond, with the Digit Span and Box Tapping tests.
• Digit Span Test: Memorize longer and longer strings of numbers
• Box Tapping Test: Remember and tap a sequence of colored boxes that light up at random.

Challenge your mental rotation skills with the Visual Rotation Test. You’ll see a pair of similar images and figure out whether one of them can be rotated to form the other.

You can use any or all of these tests to size up your own abilities at any given time. Share your progress using Twitter, with MindSharp’s instant tweets.

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