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Mere mortals now get to experience Kilka Card Gods

Lima, PE – 17 October 2013 – Independent game developer Bamtang Games today announced the launch of Kilka Card Gods for iOS, Amazon tablets, Android, and Blackberry. Kilka Card Gods offers puzzle and card fans a completely new challenge by fusing together Sudoku-style gameplay with playing cards and other strategic elements into a fresh new kind of game.

The aim of Kilka is to complete a series of increasingly challenging puzzles through a process of elimination and deduction. Players are presented with a series of cards in their suits that they must fit correctly on a grid. The faster they complete each grid, the more points they score. Players are penalized for incorrect moves or taking too long.

In addition, Kilka Card Gods features a story mode in which players must guide Kilka champion Yupanki in his worldwide quest to defeat the card gods who have stolen the golden relics. The full game features over 80 levels which transport the player to the four corners of the Earth – from the lush green slopes of Machu Picchu to the exotic Taj Mahal and the majesty of the Roman Colosseum. In story mode, players can solve challenges, win trophies and complete extra tasks.


  • 80+ levels across seven iconic locations
  • Intuitive gameplay
  • Vibrant graphics
  • Seven different bosses to beat
  • Two difficulty modes: normal and hard
  • Integrated with Game Center
  • Original soundtrack
  • Available in English, French, Russian, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

Kilka Card Gods is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at, on AppWorld for Blackberry Playbook, on the Amazon Appstore, and on Google Play at

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