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Limopo: Movie and Trailers [Android]

App Name: Limopo: Movie and Trailers [Android]

Cost: Free

Developer: mronus

App Market: Download Page


It is a perfectly-designed smart application for recognizing movies from any media contents, poster, banner, image etc.

Just keep your camera on the poster and that’s all, the rest will be handled by Limopo. Limopo not only allows user to browse latest movies from IMDB and also brings information about the movie and even plays the trailer right on the poster. Such an amazing experience, you won’t believe to your eyes!

Each time you go to a theater for watching a movie, you make your decision only by the exposures of the posters, ads in news and magazines about that movie. If you are not among those who shot the movie, the only criteria becomes that exposure on your decision. And then perhaps just leave the theater and get disappointed because of the inadequate and misleading exposures of that movie. Similarly, while buying a DVD, the exposures influence your decision on what to watch this night.

Well, you might think of websites that give information about films, such as IMDB and Wikipedia. However, most of them are quite extra informative and distracting.

And exactly at this time, Limopo enters into the stage and amazes people who are fed up with those stuff by what it offers.

Just open your camera and hold it on a poster and then you will see the magic!
Using only the information extracted from the poster image,
– Brief and adequate info about the movie
– Interactive and entertaining trailer-watching experience
– Make you feel like: Wow! My smartphone exceeded its capacity and began making magic! Envy your friends! (Shhhh! Don’t tell the secret in behind to your friends… Just kidding, please let them know and help us expend the magic!)

Limopo currently knows movies in theaters and coming soon movies in IMDB, Turkey, UK and Canada.

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