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Kick, Punch, Jump, Fight Your Way Through Ultimate Stick Fight [iOS Game Review]

App Name:Ultimate Stick Fight

Developer: Dragon Nest Studio

Cost: $0.99 USD

Market: Google Play, iTunes


Have a hard day at the office? Looking to work off some steam and kick some butt-well give Ultimate Stick Fight a try! In Ultimate Stick Fight, you can be either Ryan or Slash and your job is to kick the butt of every enemy stick figure that comes at you!

Ultimate Stick Fight is available for both Android and iOS. I tested the game on an iTouch 5 and worked great. The game has 40 levels and 8 different locations you can fight in. Each fighter has to learn 20 fight moves and styles.  As you fight, you will earn coins, which you can use in the shop to upgrade your skills. The games does not come with multiple profiles so you can only play one at a time.  When you first start, the game gives to a brief overview on how to play.

One of the great things about the game is that it is easy to play. You will use onscreen controls to move your fighter. Your options are hold, punch, kick, jump, and then move left/right. As you play you will perform a variety of moves (skills) which are created by a combination of different moves. After some practice you will get them down but if you are like me then your instincts take over and you just go at it!

The music and sound effects are awesome. Not sure why but doing a jump kick and then a series of punches against the stick figures is just a lot of fun. :)  As you progress, the number of fighters left appears under the pause button. It also shows how many coins you can earned, the combinations you used, and which direction  the enemies are coming from.  Depending on how well  you clear the stage, you can earn a coin reward which can then be used in the shop to upgrade your skills.

Ultimate Stick Fight is a fun game and I really enjoyed playing it. For the price and what comes in the game, I think it is very well done. It is just one of games that really can help you get rid of those daily work frustrations!  Enjoy.

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