By February 24, 2014 Read More → Updates its Android App has updated its Android application with two new location-centered features: Near Field Communication (NFC) and location sharing.

The addition of NFC allows users to send his or her imo profile to imo users on Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X, and Asus Nexus 7 devices. Users hold their NFC-enabled devices together back-to-back until the “Touch to Beam” message appears on the sender’s phone. The sender then taps his/her phone screen and both imo profiles will pop up on each other’s phones. From there, the users can add each other as contacts, start a chat and use all of imo’s mobile communication features, including file sharing, voice IM, quick chat history searches and calling using VoIP.

When trying to connect with another user, the sender must have imo open, log into his/her account and ensure that both screens are on and unlocked. As well, both users should verify NFC is enabled.

In addition, the app has been updated to allow users to send their exact and nearby locations to friends. To share a location with a buddy, the user may open a chat with the buddy with whom they wish to share their location. Click on the “+,” then click “Share Location” and the list that appears will show a list of nearby locations from which to choose.


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