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iBomber Game [Android, iOS]


iBomber Now on Android!

One game that I recently found over in iTunes is iBomber from CobraMobile. It is a great game. After some research I found that there is a whole series of bomber games from the developer.

For iOS devices there are:

iBomber 2
iBomber Defense
iBomber Defense Pacific
iBomber Attack

Now for Android there are:

iBomber Defense Pacific

I love game series, so I reached out to CobraMobile to learn about their company and games….to see that interview check out our post tomorrow!

A little bit of background:  The iBomber franchise has had over 10 million downloads on iOS. This new Android version of iBomber is iBomber 1 and 2 put together. The game has been completely rebuilt for Android. Developer CobraMobile has also integrated the Papaya social gaming network. iBomber for Android will be available as a free download with in-app purchases.

If you enjoy army games and those with some historical ties, then you will enjoy the iBomber series.

Since the game is free, you need to spend a few minutes and download it. There is nothing like flying a plane and trying to accurately drop bombs on your enemy positions.  I have only gotten a few missions done but it is fun.

iBomber Attack for iOS is a slightly different game- here you are controlling a tank and must move through enemy positions to complete you mission. It is still a top down view but no bombing just shooting!  No matter which you choose, you will enjoy these games.

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