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How do you say ‘Ay caramba’ in Mandarin? The Simpsons go to China

How do you say 'Ay caramba' in Mandarin? The Simpsons go to China

There many, many things blocked and banned in China, including Google and Twitter, but apparently, The Simpsons isn’t one of ’em. According to Variety, Fox and Chinese online video platform Sohu have agreed to stream The Simpsons (yes, that same series that’s been poking fun at American culture and its all-American family for decades) in China. Their deal includes the latest season which will air later this September, but it’s unclear how many episodes will be available in the country — and if episodes that reference China will even be shown at all. Instead of dubbing over the characters’ iconic voices, they opted to air the show in English with Mandarin subtitles. One can’t help but wonder how they’ll translate all the pop culture references, so don’t be surprised if you see a Simpsons bad translation blog out of the mainland in the future.

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