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Gum Rock – Fantastic New Speakers

If you are looking for a cool and different type of bluetooth speaker for your Android or iOS device, why not give the Gum Rock a try?  Need to give a shout out to my buddy Matt at MobileFun who provided the speaker for this review. Make sure to check out the Gum Rock  product page and also their general bluetooth speaker category page.

I have been looking for a good bluetooth speaker and I must say that the Gum Rock fits the bill. From the photos below you can see this speaker is not too big and is the perfect size for the frequent traveler. The bottom of the speaker is a suction cup so it sticks almost anywhere.  I had no problems connecting the speaker to my devices and the sound quality was very good. The only negative about the speaker was that I could not control the volume of from the speaker itself. I could change tracks but not volume.

Again the Gum Rock Speaker are a neat, easy to use and travel with speaker with very good sound quality!




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