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Google Play Alternatives

Recently, Google announced that its Google Play Store has more than 70,000 apps and games. Even though this seems to be more than enough for most people, there are those users who are constantly looking for other alternatives. If you are one of those who are looking forward to venture beyond Google’s app store, the following are the top 10 Google Play alternatives that you can look into: –

Amazon App Store

Amazon app store is undisputedly the highest profile alternative to Google Play. Besides being the default location for Amazon’s Kindle line of tablets, it is also filled with both low-free and paid apps. It however offers a much smaller selection of exciting apps and games. One of the most outstanding qualities of the Amazon app store is the high quality control standards that it maintains. This means that the apps that are available here are of polished, easy to use and of very high quality.

Get Jar

If you are looking for free apps, then Get Jar is the app store to look into. Here, apps are divided into categories and sub-categories to make it much easier for users to find exactly what they want. This app store that has over 50 million users can also connect with Facebook, and you will find comments, likes and dislikes from on each app from other users. On the downside, the submission process to this app process takes some time, and you will also encounter sponsored recommendations.

Slide Me

This great alternative to Google Play has a very decent user base that outstretches globally. It is an app store that offers both premium and free apps in various categories. All the applications are passed through a quality control process before they are made available in Slide Me. The biggest highlights of this apps store are its global availability, as well as support for various payment options, including PayPal.


At F-Droid, you will find a huge selection of free apps and they all promise no ads, no dependencies and no tracking. If you are an ardent support of the open source movement, then this app store is worth checking out. App developers who intend to release their creations can do so here, but without any expectation of incurring profits.


At Appoke, the focus is mainly on social recommendations, which means that there are Facebook and Twitter affiliations. Users can be able to see what apps their friends are using, and also share their opinions on the available apps. Most of the apps at Appoke are free, though users can also earn credits and use them to get premium apps. Users can also buy their favorite apps via PayPal. Although Appoke offers an incredibly user experience, the apps that it offers are quite limited.


This Google Play alternative has over 70 million users, and it even won a double award at the French Startup Awards 2013. There are over 7.2 million apps that have been made available at this app store, and a majority of them are worth checking out.

App Brain

One of the good things about App Brain Android Market is its listing feature. Users can be able to search apps by category, ranking and location. It also enables users to share their favorite apps with their friends through Facebook.

Mobile9 App Store

This is one of the most popular app stores. It provides numerous free and premium apps, and it searches for apps according to the device compatibility.

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