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Gimbal – Navigate the City Through Fiction [iOS]

Gimbal offers a new way of reading the city. Choose a city – anywhere in the world – and be transported to it by its fiction. Traverse its precincts. Map your way through its quarters or arrondissements. The Gimbal navigates as it narrates. With it you can travel by train, tram, metro, bus or indeed on foot, experiencing each new landscape through the eyes of a fictional character.

Designed with the commuter in mind, the Gimbal enables you to escape the tedium of your everyday ‘known journey’ and take an alternative route, a more scenic, imaginary one across the face of an unknown city. Choose a story according to the city you wish to visit, or the length of time you have to spare, and the ‘LISTEN’ function will lead you across an interactive map of that city accompanied by an audio reading.


Athens – Amanda Michaelopoulou – The Four Hundred Pleats – trans. Karen Emmerich
Alexandria* – Francesc Seres – The Route – trans. Anna Crowe
Baghdad – Hassan Blasim – The Reality and the Record – trans. Jonathan Wright
Barcelona* – Iman Hamid – Waiting for the Rain – trans. Alice Guthrie
Beijing – Xu Zechen – Wheels Are Round – trans. Eric Abrahamsen
Berlin – Sean O’Brien – Kiss Me Deadly on the Museum Island
Bremen – Claudia Parman – Midday Mania – trans. Rebecca Braun
Brussels* – Inga Zolude – Tramline 94 – trans. Ieva Lesinska
Dubai – Fadwa al-Qasem – The Week Before the Wife Arrived
Gdansk – Pawel Huelle – Bicycle Express – trans. Antonia Lloyd-Jones
Hong Kong – Ho Sin Tung – Square Moon – trans. Petula Parris-Huang
Istanbul* – Jana Šrámková – Possibility I – trans. Alexandra Buchler
Leeds – Martyn Bedford – Letters Home
Liverpool – Margaret Murphy – False Light
London – Alison MacLeod – The Heart of Denis Noble
Newcastle – Sean O’Brien – Not in Gateshead Anymore
New York – Arnon Grunberg – The Melon – trans. Ron de Klerk & Lisa Friedman
Manchester* – Roman Simic – The Boy Knew No Fear – trans. Tomislav Kuzmanovic
Naples – Valeria Parella – Right In The Eyes – trans. C.D. Rose
Paris – David Constantine – A Paris Tale
Prague* – Nermin Yildririm – Untitled – trans. Hande Eagle
Reykjavik – Agust Borgthor Sverrisson – The First Day of the Fourth Week – trans. Vera Juliusdottir
Riga* – Koen Peeters – Tramline 11 – trans. Brian Doyle
Riyadh – Yousef al-Mohaimeed – There’s No Room for a Lover in this City – trans. Anthony Calderbank
Salford – David Constantine – Beginning
Sarajevo – Zoe Lambert – The War Tour
Södertälje – Mirja Unge – It Was Just, Yesterday – trans. Kari Dickson
Venice – Christine Poulson – Don’t You Hate Having Two Heads?
Zagreb* – Michelle Green – In Zero Gravity – (Croatian trans. Andrea Rozic)
Zurich – Pawel Huelle – Franz Carl Weber – trans. Antonia Lloyd-Jones

(The stories marked with a ** symbol were specially commissioned for the ‘Tramlines’ residency project.)

(Stories read by Penny MacDonald and Ryan Greaves, With additional readings by the authors Agust Borghthor Sverrison, Michelle Green, Roman Simic and others.)

App Name: Gimbal
Developer: Toru Interactive Ltd.
Price: Free
Categories; Books, Travel

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