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Geek Resort [Android Game Review]

From the same developers who brought you fun games such as Yeti On Furry, Advanced Mobile Applications introduces a new city-building game made for nerds and brainiacs alike: Geek Resort. Geek Resort is game similar to SimCity or Roller Coaster Typhoon in which you are given the privileged opportunity to create the world’s first Geek theme park. When you first open the game, you will be asked whether or not you are 13 years of age and to login or create a new game profile with your email, Google+, Facebook or an anonymous account. According to the app, it would be ideal to play this game by logging in with one of the aforementioned social network accounts so you will be to recover your profile from any device with secure backup. You will be introduced to the game with a walkthrough tutorial from Chuck, who is in charge of managing the park, and Sarah, Chuck’s fiancée who is in charge of welcoming visitors.

The virtual couple will guide you through each major aspect of the game including choosing between different building themes (manga, technology, video games, etc.) to attract various types of geeks, how to provide power for your buildings through buying resources (electricity, Internet, pyrotechnic effects), how to improve the popularity of your park, and how to gain more admission tickets, geektonites and coins to improve the park. You can also earn in-game achievements, which leads to earning more coin and geektonite bonuses, as you delve further into the game. Geek Resort is also a social friendly game as you are able to invite other people to play and visit their parks as well as other random parks to get an idea of how to arrange your park.

Geek Resort is a fun, creative and constructive game designed for younger users who are beginners in city-building games. Not only is this an interesting game to play, but it is also a unique and somewhat stands out from most games of this type with its nerd-themed motif and surprising 3D printing capabilities.

This is the first game I have seen with this special attribute since the surge of 3D printing technology. Although you can’t sync the app to a 3D printer to print out the figure, you can place your order on which of the 13 figurines modeled after the types of geeky characters featured in the game you want to print, the size and price and, before you know, it will be shipped to your address in a matter of days. The 3D printing prices and sizes range from $21.99 for a 5.6cm (2.2 in.) model to an eye-bulging, jaw-dropping $1,299.99 for 23.7cm (9.33 in.) model. Even though the 3D printing aspect has nothing to do with the actual gameplay, it is still a cool feature.

The only improvement this game needs is better graphics. The graphics for Geek Resort looks like it was designed for phones with 240x400p-resoluton, such as the outdated LG Xenon touch-screen/keyboard phone. Because if have played AMA games with higher quality, I was disappointed in the subpar rendered graphics this game had to offer.

Overall, this game is entertaining and engaging to play, especially with the added social networking element to invite your friends to play and backup your progress in case your phone goes on the fritz. The app is free to download in the Google Play store and is 31MB in size. Furthermore, this game does not require an Internet connection for you to play.

App Name: Geek Resort

Developer: AMA

Market: Google Play

Cost: Free

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