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Fun Time for Kids (New Game)

Touch & Learn, the development studio started by Hollywood Production Designer, James Lewis, today officially announced the release of their brand new edutainment app for 2 – 6 year old kids and their parents – Fun Town at £0.69, $0.99, €0.79 (no in app purchases) for iOS and Android touch devices.

In addition to being the Art Director of smash hit Hollywood movies, James Lewis has found time to design and release nine very special apps for his and everyone else’s kids! Latest offering Fun Town sees a beautifully animated town environment turned into a virtual children’s playground. Kids can interact with the townsfolk and vehicles, or visit the shops – each its own mini-game with 14 beautifully animated mini-games to discover in total. Learn how to grow your favorite flower in the florist, make a hamburger in the restaurant, sort the money in the bank, match the pairs of shoes in the shoe shop, fix the phone booth, build a bike, go shopping and much more.

Fun Town teaches kids about sorting, color matching, number ordering, shape recognition, sequencing and problem solving. Each activity is designed to encourage experimentation and stimulate the imagination of children ages two and up.
Game features:

  • 14 Mini Games – Every shop and location in Main Street turns into a fun and educational mini game
  • AAA Production Values – Fun Town features high quality animation, beautiful graphics, magical music and fun sound effects
  • Simple Gameplay Mechanic – Designed specifically for children, Fun Town is entertaining, engaging, educational and frustration free for tiny fingers
  • No In App Purchases or Advertising – Fun Town is a stand alone purchase with no nuisance ads interrupting gameplay

Where to get the app:The App Store –

Google Play –

Amazon –

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