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Four Mobile Apps That You Can Use When in France

France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from different countries go to France each year to experience its culture, food, and art scene. With that in mind, we have compiled four of the best mobile apps that you can use when in France.

MemoryLifter English/French Basic Vocabulary (iOS)

Fluency in its local language is not a prerequisite when visiting France, but being familiar with some of the phrases and words you will often use and hear isn’t a bad idea. Adding the MemoryLifter English/French Basic Vocabulary app to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad a few months before your trip is a great place to start. This app uses a friendly flashcard approach to helping its users learn new words. There are also additional levels in the app if you want to continue your language studies, even after your trip to France.

OffMaps (iOS)


Having an iPhone linked to WiFi or a cellular data connection during your travel may sound handy, but it can get pretty expensive if you are not careful. You can avoid off-the-roof roaming charges with the OffMaps. This app features detailed offline maps of thousands of destinations, including France, Italy, and Germany. The OffMaps for iOS also has sections dedicated for restaurant recommendations and Wikipedia articles.





Party Poker (Android)

partypokerandroidThere’s nothing more French than poker. This classic card game may not originate from France, but it is still a well-celebrated sport in the country. There are various of poker forms present in France to date, one of which is the app. You can use this app to participate in play or real money tables via your Android device.

Aside from French, the Partypoker app is also available in English, German, and Danish, among others. It is not downloadable from the Google Play Store; you can get the app from the Partypoker site. Here are the instructions:

Enable non-Market apps by going to “Settings”, then “Applications” and checking the tick box “Unknown sources. Allow installation of non-Market applications.” When the warning window appears, just tap OK. Scan the QR or go to on your Android device to start the download. Create a new account or log in with your existing PartyPoker details. When done, you can start playing.

France Radio (Android)

If you are looking for background music to set the tone of your vacation in France, France Radio is the app for you. France Radio is an application that allows you to listen to more than 260 radio stations in France through your Android device. You can also view various information about the station frequency, including its main website. You need to stay connected to any type of connection in order to use the app.

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