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Fire Sale – Galaxy on Fire 2 [iOS Game]

<img class="alignleft" style="margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 5px;"Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD

Fishlabs Entertainment, the award-winning developer of high-end premium games for smartphones and tablets, has just reduced the price of the player’s own space station, the so-called Kaamo Club, in Galaxy on Fire 2™ by 50 percent.  From June 7th to June 14th, the Kaamo Club will be available for download via in-app-purchase for the special price of  $0.99 USD t instead of  $1.99 USD in all iOS versions of Fishlabs’ critically acclaimed open space shooter.

By getting hold of the Kaamo Club, the players of Galaxy on Fire 2™ will get access to a broad selection of exclusive upsides in the game. Among others, they can use their own space station to store valuable goods and additional space ships, which enables them to collect rare ingredients for blueprints or keep more than one ship in their possession. Furthermore, they can buy exclusive weapons and ships from the vendors doing business in the club’s space lounge. And last but not least, the players can also pimp their ships at Kaamo Club and increase the stats and capabilities of the vessels they already have in their fleet.

The main game Galaxy on Fire 2™ can be downloaded from the App Store for free in device-specific SD and HD versions. While the graphically overhauled Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD is specifically optimized for iPhone 4S (or newer), iPad 2 (or newer) and iPod touch 5G, the classic Galaxy on Fire 2™ SD does still run perfectly on older iOS devices as well.

About Galaxy on Fire 2™:

In Galaxy on Fire 2™ the player will not only be able to explore a vast, living galaxy with more than 20 different star systems, 100 individual space stations and 30 fully customizable space ships, but he will also be able to follow a rich and engrossing story line with full English voice acting. The title’s epic plot centres on the protagonist Keith T. Maxwell’s bold and daring adventures in a war-torn galaxy governed by four different factions, namely the Terrans, the Vossk, the Nivelians and the Midorians.

Due to a malfunction of his hyper drive, Keith T. Maxwell is catapulted through space and time. 35 years later, he awakens at the far end of the galaxy, where he soon realizes that quite a lot has changed during his unintentional absence. An aggressive and particularly devious alien menace known as Voids threatens the fragile peace between the different alien races by launching devastating raids on freighters and convoys of all factions. And Keith T. Maxwell is the only one who can stand up to this seemingly invincible enemy and save the universe from its impending descent into chaos.

App Name: Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD
Developer: FISHLABS
Price: Free
Categories; Games, Adventure, Role Playing
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

Screenshots Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD

Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD iPhoneGalaxy on Fire 2™ HD iPhoneGalaxy on Fire 2™ HD iPhoneGalaxy on Fire 2™ HD iPhoneGalaxy on Fire 2™ HD iPhone

Screenshots Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD for iPad

Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD iPadGalaxy on Fire 2™ HD iPadGalaxy on Fire 2™ HD iPadGalaxy on Fire 2™ HD iPadGalaxy on Fire 2™ HD iPad

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