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File Expert HD [Android App Review]

App Name: File Expert HD

Developer: GeekSoft

Cost: Free

Market: Google Play


Smartphones are pretty much mini computers and thus a smart owner needs to know and understands his device. The one thing that I find most smartphones do not do well is a file management system. I have tried many different file managment apps and some are better than others. As the Android OS has improved, the apps have gotten better. I recently tried File Expert HD from Geeksoft and must say I came away pretty impressed with the app.

There are 2 versions of File Expert: regular and HD ( Android 4.0+) Both are free but you can purchase a pro key which will unlock a number of different features in the app.  With the pro key you can get features like root explorer support, memory manager support, safebox support, Silent Install support, Silent Uninstall support and more.  For most users, the free app should do the trick.

filescreenThe app has a very nice and clean interface. The menu structure is nicely done so it does not take up a lot of screen space. The color scheme also works very well. The big thing about this file management app is that is does a whole more than just list the files on your Android device.

When you first turn it on, you will find 3 tabs setup: My Files, Folders, and My Tools. The My Files section has a number of premade shortcuts that make it easy and convenient to access such items as your gallery, vidoes, apk files, etc.  The folder tab lists all of the folders such as your sd card. The My Tools has a number of tools such as a cache cleaner, memory manager, and messaging.

You can create your own tabs, create shortcuts to the different tools/items onto the desktop.  At the bottom of the screen, you can easily see the amount of space you have left and what is using what.

In the top right corner you can access the settings and help sections.  The help section takes you to a web page. When I accessed it, it pulled up the page Chinese; was not sure how to get it in English.

Within the settings section you can modify or set  a number of different items such as show hidden folders, view mode , info mode, thumbnail display, notifications, and more.  Head over to the Google Play page to see a nice long list of features and options.

File Expert HD is a very nicely done app that provides a lot of functionality and convenience for Android 4.0+ devices. The app makes it easy to find and mange all types of files on your phone. I had no problem figuring out how the app was setup and worked. If you are looking for a file management tool for your Android phone, give File Expert or File Expert HD a try. Since there is no cost, there is no reason not to.

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