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femme de pivot Live Wallpaper [Android]

July 29th 2013 – femme de pivot Live Wallpaper app is designed for ladies to decorate their phone screen with various wallpapers. The new live wallpaper “Bubbles Wonderland” is featured with lovely animal-shaped bubbles float freely on the phone screen. To make it more special, wallpaper background and animal bubbles will change through day and night for users to experience different feeling. femme de pivot Live Wallpaper with the new wallpaper theme is available on Google Play for free download.

Explore Bubbles Wonderland through day and night
In this wonderland, cute little animals have transformed into bubbles and float freely in the air. Bubbles will be broken and disappeared just by a touch. During the day, color bubbles give out warm and harmony feeling to the wonderland. At night, glowing bubbles vitality light up the wonderland.

Select various live wallpapers in one application
femme de pivot keeps on updating wallpapers with new functions and wallpaper themes. Since the app launched in August 2012, it has provided up to 14 different themes live wallpaper for ladies to free download. Live features including live background, time clock function, background and little things automatically change by time, and little things pop-up when tap on the phone. User can easily select various wallpapers in femme de pivot Live Wallpaper app. New wallpaper themes will keep on update from time to time to bring out more happiness.

Support most of the Android phones in market
femme de pivot Live Wallpaper provides five different phone resolutions, including 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 800, 1280 x 720, 800 x 400 and 480 x 320, support most of the Android phones in market. The latest 2.1.1 version is now available on Google Play for free download.

Download femme de pivot Live Wallpaper on Google Play

femme de pivot – Brand Story
femme de pivot is the Hong Kong creative brand originated from Mobile Link Technology Ltd. It expresses the ” ART of LIVING”, the pursuit of beautiful life as the main idea.
By combining the beauty of life with trendy living elements, femme de pivot design a series of feminine mobile accessories to show a joy, harmony and happiness attitude.

femme de pivot creates two wallpaper apps to provide various wallpapers for ladies to decorate their phones, and will keep on enriching the app content with beautiful wallpapers. Wallpaper apps can be both free download on Apple App Store and Google Play.

“femme de pivot wallpaper” iOS and Android mobile apps are also awarded the best SME ICT (Adoption) Silver Award of Hong Kong ICT Awards in 2013.

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