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Exciting 3D Radio-Control Helicopter Fighting with Helidroid Battle

App Name: Helidroid Battle: 3D RC Copter

Developer: MH Production

Cost: Free (ad supported)

Market: Google Play 


Helidroid Battle: 3D RC Copter is a fun 3D radio-control helicopter fighting game. You mission is to fly the helicopter in various rooms in the house and shoot down your enemy helicopters. This is the second helidroid game from MH Productions. You can read our review of the first game here.

If you played the first game then you will not have any trouble playing this newest addition. The game does come with a nice tutorial to help you get familiar with the game controls.There are two training areas: Tutorial, where you learn the controls and then Free Flight, where you can then choose passive vs aggressive and then you choose the room you want to fly in, once you have unlock them. You can also choose to use on screen joysticks or gyro mode where you move your device to steer. I have tried both and I like the joysticks best.

Once you have the basics down, then you can get down to business. The game has 3 helicopters you can choose from Apache, Comanche, and a Super Puma. You only start with one and have to unlock the others by fulfilling missions. You also can choose between 3 rooms, living room, bedroom, and kitchen. The game comes with 30 objectives you can try to finish while playing.

After you have played a while, you will have various checkpoints you can start at, versus going back to the beginning each time. If you run into trouble, there is a pause button. When you begin playing the enemy does not give you a break. He will begin firing on you as soon as he is in range and he does not have to learn the controls. I crashed or was shot down numerous times! It took a while before my windshield was not filled with bullet holes.

The graphics are great and the flying mechanism is very realistic. I found the game challenging and engaging. My kids enjoyed it a lot and got a lot further along in the game than me! You can turn on the machine guns to auto fire which is very helpful. In addition tot he machine gun, there are homing missiles.

There is a leaderboard in the game,  you can see your rank and the top 30 online, plus you can post your scores on Facebook or Twitter. The game keeps statistics such as stars earned, rounds, score, and % of objectives met.

A note about ads. The game is completely free but there are ads shown in between levels and when you exit the game. I am not a big fan of this but there are no ads during game play which is nice.

Overall, I found the game very fun, well designed, and definitely one that you can play over and over again. I have no problem recommending both Helidroid games.

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