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Defend Your Kingdom in Besieged 2 From Leviathan Games

Prepare to defend your walls at all costs! Leviathan Games, a developer of digital experiences specializing in the interactive entertainment space, is happy to announce that Besieged™ 2, the sequel to its classic castle defense strategy game is available now on Android.

The undead have risen and General Skel’s merciless army of bumbling skeleton warriors is at your gates. Build your castle, draw your bow, and prepare to defend your walls using any means necessary. Besieged 2 will test your speed, strategy and survival skills as you furiously fend off General Skel and his undead army of bone-blundering warriors. Defend against an endless onslaught of giants, skeleton wizards, bombers, red knights and any other mischievous minions headed your way while also earning coins, stones and diamonds to build up your kingdom and unlock a vast array of weaponry for added mayhem.

The game features a completely new castle defense game experience improving on the original by including all new friendly toonstyle graphics, a castle construction system, new weapons, dozens of quests to solve, new enemies with unique animations and combat logic, and social integration.

Key features include:

  • Endless Strategic Action– Defend your home against never ending waves of blundering boneheaded soldiers.
  • General Skel’s Army – Battle numskulled giants, bombers, archers, mages, armored knights and more.
  • Enchanted Arrows – There’s more than one way to “skin a skeleton”. Unlock Volley, Flame, Frost, Lightning arrows and more to defeat General Skel’s forces.
  • Fortress Upgrades – Earn coin and stones to upgrade your kingdom and keep your upgrades even in defeat.
  • Level Up – Keep leveling up to earn rewards and unlock new quests.
  • Quests  – Earn achievements and earn additional XP on your path to become the greatest Archer your kingdom has ever known.
  • Share Your Progress – Post your achievements and scores to Facebook and share your victories on the battlefield with all of your friends.

Markets: Google Play, Amazon

Developer: Leviathan Games

Cost: Free

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